General Education News

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2018 2017
January (Gen Ed Program Refresh Update) January/February (Gen Ed Update; Tutoring; Attendance) February (Gen Ed Review Task Force) January (Gen Ed Honors Policy)
  March (VALUE study; Title IX; OIA offerings) March (Metacognition) February (Peer Review)
  April (Gen Ed update; Student data feedback) April (Storytelling) March (Tips from Cognitive Science)
  August (Trellis) September (Syllabus Project) April (Assignment Library)
  September (Announcements) October (Collaborative Learning Spaces) August (Gen Ed Course Syllabi Review)
    November (New Flashcard App/Meet a Gen Ed Instructor) September (IT Summit Workshops)
    December (Student Success Conference/Meet a Gen Ed Instructor October (Gen Ed Teaching Policy)
      November (Gen Ed Course Modifications)
      December (Classroom Assessment)