Standing Requirements

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To access your Taskstream workspace, go to, which will take you through WebAuth and into Taskstream. Click Program Assessment for the workspace you wish to edit.

The Standing Requirements section of the Taskstream workspace contains information that is not likely to change each year. 

Initial Submission for Review

  • The sections that need to be submitted for review are the Program Learning Outcomes, Curriculum Map, and Process of Assessment. The deadline to submit these sections each year is September 30.

  • To submit a section for review, click on the Submissions and Read Review tab in your Taskstream workspace. Then click the Submit Work button for these three sections.

  • After our review, these sections will be unlocked so changes can be made, if desired.

Ongoing Annual Submission for Review

  • If you make changes to the program, you can modify these sections and re-submit them by September 30 each year. 

  • If your ratings for Program Learning Outcomes and the Curriculum Map are NOT Excellent or Outstanding, we ask that you make the necessary changes and resubmit these sections for review by September 30 of the next assessment cycle.

  • If you do NOT meet the requirements for the Process of Assessment section, we ask that you make the necessary changes and resubmit this section for review by September 30 of the next assessment cycle.

Note that we do NOT review the Mission/Overview or the Archived Assessment Documents section.

Image of Question MarkIf you have any questions about reporting in Taskstream, please contact the OIA Assessment Team.