Program Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes Graphic

This is the section in which you enter the learning outcomes for your program. These are not likely to change, unless you make changes to the degree program. After the initial review of this section, you only need to revise and resubmit if you received a rating of Achieving, Needs Development, or Inadequate. 

Best Practices for Program Learning Outcomes

  • Limit the number of outcomes to no more than five for a degree program. (If your accrediting body dictates learning outcomes or competencies, you may list more than five.)

  • Write outcomes that are clear and measurable. More information on writing learning outcomes is available here.

  • If your program has sub-plans with different outcomes, we suggest you first list the core Outcomes that apply to all sub-plans, and then list, in the same Outcome Set, the Outcomes that apply to each sub-plan. This will make it easier to create a Curriculum Map that includes all the sub-plans.

Evaluation of Program Learning Outcomes

  • Excellent rating: All of your outcomes are clear and measurable.

  • Outstanding rating: The majority of your outcomes are also at higher cognitive levels (e.g., analyze, evaluate, create).

  • To view the rubric that we use to evaluate this section, click on Review Method in this section of your Taskstream workspace.

Submission instructions for this section are available in the Standing Requirements section.

Image of Question MarkIf you have any questions about reporting in Taskstream, please contact the OIA Assessment Team.