Curriculum Map


Graphic of Curriculum MapA curriculum map is a tabular display of where in your program your learning outcomes are assessed. You can also identify where each of your outcomes is introduced and practiced, which makes this map a powerful tool for assuring that students have sufficient opportunities to practice your outcomes before the end-of-program assessment. 

Your curriculum map is not likely to change, unless you make changes to the degree program. After the initial review of this section, you only need to revise and resubmit if you received a rating of Achieving, Needs Development, or Inadequate.

Best Practices for Curriculum Maps

  • Use the various text fields to entire complete information about where each outcome is assessed. The map should provide a complete overview of your assessment plan. (The details are entered in the Assessment Plan section.)

  • You need to include at least one direct measure and one indirect measure for each learning outcome.

  • For undergraduate programs, the assessment of program-level learning outcomes is most appropriately placed as near the end of the program as feasible. If you have a capstone course or practicum requirement, this is an ideal place to assess all of your outcomes.

  • For graduate programs, we suggest that you use the natural graduate checkpoints; e.g., comprehensive exams, thesis or dissertation, and defense.

  • If your map includes where your outcomes are introduced and practiced, we suggest that you separate out the assessment activities, as in this sample.

Evaluation of Curriculum Maps

  • Excellent rating: Your map indicates at least one direct and one indirect assessment measure for each outcome.

  • Outstanding rating: Your map also indicates at what points each outcome is introduced and practiced.

  • To view the rubric that we use to evaluate this section, click on Review Method in this section of your Taskstream workspace.

Submission instructions for this section are available in the Standing Requirements section.

Image of Question Mark If you have any questions about reporting in Taskstream, please contact the OIA Assessment Team.