Process of Assessment

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This Process of Assessment section is for describing how faculty and staff are involved in the development, implementation, and use of student learning outcomes. Please also indicate whether your unit has a standing Assessment Committee that is responsible for overseeing learning outcomes assessment. 

Your process is not likely to change, unless you make changes to the degree program. After the initial review of this section, you only need to revise and resubmit if you received a rating of Not Met.

Best Practices for Process of Assessment

  • This section should be used to describe how your faculty and staff work to bring assessment to life. Who is involved in the various steps in your process? When do you discuss findings each year? When and how do you design an action plan when changes are indicated by your findings? How often do you review your learning outcomes and measures to make sure they are still a good fit?

  • Use this section to document everything about your assessment process, so that your successor can continue seamlessly.

  • This is NOT the section to include your measures and rubrics (those go in the Assessment Plan section) or your findings (those go in the Assessment Findings section).

  • Here is a sample Process of Assessment section.

Evaluation of Process of Assessment

  • Met Requirement rating: Your process is completely described, including when/how faculty meet to discuss findings each year.

  • To view the rubric that we use to evaluate this section, click on Review Method in this section of your Taskstream workspace.

Submission instructions for this section are available in the Standing Requirements section.

Image of Question Mark If you have any questions about reporting in Taskstream, please contact the OIA Assessment Team.