Assessment Findings

Assessment Findings Graphic

This is the section in which you report your findings for each assessment cycle.

Best Practices for Assessment Findings

  • All of the fields for entering Assessment Findings are text fields. If you have charts or graphs, those can be attached to the Findings section for each measure. If you have charts or graphs that display findings from multiple measures you only need to attach it to the first applicable measure and make a note of that in subsequent measures.

  • Be sure to include the number of students reflected in each of the findings. This information is an important part of deciding whether changes are warranted by your findings.

  • Here are examples of reporting findings for an undergraduate program and a graduate program.

Evaluation of Assessment Findings

  • Excellent rating: Assessment Findings from direct and indirect measures are reported for the past five years, or since the last post-APR evaluation.

  • Outstanding rating: Assessment Findings from direct and indirect measures are reported since the last APR.

  • Note that we will refer to your webpages on the old assessment site for findings prior to your first Assessment Cycle in Taskstream.

  • To view the rubric that we use to evaluate this section, click on Review Method in this section of your Taskstream workspace.

Submission instructions for this section are available in the Standing Requirements section.

Question Mark Graphic If you have any questions about reporting in Taskstream, please contact the OIA Assessment Team.