Changes in Response to Findings

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This is the section where you will document your action plans, or responses to each year's Assessment Findings.

Best Practices for Changes in Response to Findings

  • Please complete and submit this section, even if you have decided that your Assessment Findings do not warrant any changes to your program. You can simply indicate that in the Action field in this section.

  • The actions should be based on the findings for the current Assessment Cycle.

  • Be sure to include a timeline, responsible personnel, and a measure. This re-assessment measure is likely to be the same one that resulted in the findings that caused the change you made. For example, if your findings indicated that students were struggling with their writing, you may decide to add more explicit writing instruction and practice to your program. Your measure of the effectiveness of this change can be the same measure that generated the findings in the first place.

  • Here are examples of reporting changes for an undergraduate program and a graduate program.

Evaluation of Changes in Response to Findings

  • Excellent rating: Changes/no changes warranted are included for the past five years, or since the last post-APR evaluation, and assessment methods are included.

  • Outstanding rating: Changes/no changes warranted are included since the last APR, and assessment methods are included.

  • Note that we will refer to your webpages on the old assessment site for findings prior to your first Assessment Cycle in Taskstream.

  • To view the rubric that we use to evaluate this section, click on Review Method in this section of your Taskstream workspace.

Submission instructions for this section are available in the Standing Requirements section.

Question Mark Graphic If you have any questions about reporting in Taskstream, please contact the OIA Assessment Team.